Grace & Peace,
I pray that this communique finds you all in the best of health. We are all uncertain about tomorrow but what we can attest to and rely on is the fact that God is in control. In light of global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and to ensure we are adhering to the direction of our leading health and government authorities, effective immediately. 

1.) You can’t enter the sanctuary without a proper screening, and temperature check at our Welcome Desk, before entering the sanctuary.

2.) Mask are required when entering the sanctuary and can be relaxed once you are seated in your seat six feet away from some one else. Household family can still sit together.

3.) Sanitizer has been set up all over the entire sanctuary for your hands.

4.) Social distance must be maintained

5.) Sanctuary MUST be cleaned after ever service.

6.) Mask must be put back on immediately after dismissal.

7.) If you are having any flu like symptoms we advise you to stay home and watch virtually Facebook Live.
And remember because God is the greatest power we shall never be defeated.


Get the Facts About Coronavirus

Take steps to care for yourself and help protect others in your home and community.

Temperature Check